A simulated game shooting event is a great way to prime yourself for the real game hunting or pheasant shooting season. If you are a first-timer at game shooting, there could be many confusions swirling around in your head apart from the excitement of shooting game, even if it is only simulated. One confusion that is common for most involves simulated game day clothing.

Most of simulated game shooting clothing is akin to hunting clothing, with a few minor adjustments to account for the weather and the nature of simulated game shooting. That means you have the usual tweed clothing along with the tweed hat, dark coloured checked shirt and a coat or jacket to suit the occasion. However, clay pigeon shooting clothing differs from season to season. So, if the sun is coming down hard on you, you are free to ditch the shirt and jacket for a T-shirt and shooting vest combo. The question of what to wear for clay pigeon shooting, therefore, has no specific answers. Of course, that is not true if the event that you are going to has a shooting dress code in place. In such cases, it is best to stick to traditional pheasant beating clothing. Ladies shooting clothing is pretty similar to what the men wear, except for a couple of gender-specific clothing items and accessories.

A day of clay pigeon shooting with friends or family is a wonderful way to get away from the monotony of daily life. In fact, if you are going with a group, you can even show up in a pair of shorts and a shirt. It is only formal or public events where you might need to abide by a shooting dress code.

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What to Wear for Simulated Game Shooting