No matter whether you are a clay pigeon shooting expert or a beginner, the equipment needed for the game is same. There’s nothing like you are a beginner so you practice with some different or light equipment or that you are experienced you need to play with other equipment. But before we proceed towards the […]

A simulated game shooting event is a great way to prime yourself for the real game hunting or pheasant shooting season. If you are a first-timer at game shooting, there could be many confusions swirling around in your head apart from the excitement of shooting game, even if it is only simulated. One confusion that […]

Clay pigeon shooting is a kind of art that not all can master. It requires a proper skill to master this art of shooting and for that following the guidelines is a must. When you take interest in clay pigeon shooting, you must first learn the basics of the game and try to keep your […]

Simulated game shooting has become quite popular in the UK with amateurs as well as old-hands using them as a sort of tune-up for the actual game shooting season. As apparent from the name, simulated shooting involves firing at clay pigeons instead of real birds. And even though there is a notable difference between the […]