clay pigeon shooting begginers guide

Clay pigeon shooting is a kind of art that not all can master. It requires a proper skill to master this art of shooting and for that following the guidelines is a must. When you take interest in clay pigeon shooting, you must first learn the basics of the game and try to keep your focus straight, or else chances of losing the aim are much higher. To make it a more precise and simple for the beginners in clay shooting, here we are going to discuss in details about the guidelines which they must follow to accomplish their goals in this game. Know the details below

Know your dominant eye

Well, when you are opting for clay pigeon shooting, being able to follow the flight of the pigeon is the most significant step towards success. When you are able to determine the steps of the clay pigeon, half the battles are already won. But it is not that simple to master this art! When you hire a professional clay pigeon trainer, he will first make you learn about the dominance of your both eyes. It is common that humans possess one dominant eye and one eye a bit weaker sight than the other.

So, practice throwing up objects in the room and close eyes alternatively to have a solid idea of the dominance of your eye. When you know your dominant eye, aiming the gun towards the clay pigeon, while it flies, becomes much easier as compared to shooting from the weak eye.

Perfecting the stance is necessary

When you master the art of using your dominant eye for the cay shooting, the next thing you must focus on improving is to perfect the stance position. If you shoot the gun with your right hand and right posture of the body then you have to use your left foot to step forward to take the stance and vice versa.

The weight should be on your toe of the front foot which will point towards the kill zone (it is the area where the hitting of the clay is intended by you) and you are almost halfway towards achieving success in the clay shooting perfection.

When you shoot with the gun on an upward position, you must ensure that you comfortable place the butt of the gun next to the joint of your shoulder. These are the correct form of stance that must be perfected at the beginning itself because the right stance position helps a lot in perfecting the clay shooting further.

Aim ahead of the flight

When you are aiming at the target, you might just overlook the fact that how fast it moves. When you follow its moves and fire your gun, mostly the chances are that you will miss your target. That’s why shooing ahead of the flying times that you consider will hit the target is always recommended to master the art.

Because it will never hit the clay if you consider the exact time of hitting depending on the clay’s flight.  The fundamentals of learning or being able to ‘read’ the clay are something that you should try to master when being guided by the trainers in the beginning phase.

Do not stop your gun from swinging

Once you pick the spot and squeeze the trigger of the gun, you may be tempted towards stopping the swinging of the gun which is one of the most significant reasons behind losing the targets. After you fire the shot, its mandatory that you keep the swinging of the gun continued on the same axis that you used to shot the target. By doing so, you can attain better accuracy and better control on your shots to hit the clay pigeon without missing the target.

And lastly, practice is the key towards success

No matter how much you master the techniques of this simulated game shooting, it is evident that only more practices can make you perfect clay shooter. You may become a perfectionist with time but if you lose practising for some time, you may still require to pick up pieces to get control over your targets for some time.

So, it is recommended by the clay shooting professionals that when you are a beginner in the following forte of clay pigeon shooting, make sure you keep practising to attain perfection. Otherwise, you may not be able to master this art and lack of being a successful clay shooter.

The final take

Though in parts of the UK shooting live clay pigeons is illegal, the shooters still continue to carry on with the game of shooting largely. And so, the beginners must follow these above-mentioned guidelines to proliferate in the clay pigeon shooting and become the best amongst the rest!